Fun Fact: I know the ENTIRE SCRIPT of The Lion King. Inside out. Back to front. But ask me for a cup of tea,  and you’ll be waiting till Christmas next year, because I’ve already forgotten by the time you’ve told me how many sugars. Just thought I’d lead with that,  so you get a tiny insight into my brain! 😂

My name is Ayesha,  a 30 year old wife and mother to a 3 year old brainbox from Brighton. I’m obsessed with kawaii things, pastel things and making things, and I have a huge passion for presenting, filming and editing… hence,  my youtube channel Ayesha Sha Sha! was born! 

I have an invisible disability called EDS (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome). Basically I have a whole heap of hypermobility going on, my joints constantly slip out of place and I’m in pain every single day. I have bad days and ok days,  but when you see me I try my best not to show the pain. I try my hardest to have a positive attitude as much as I can! 

Another condition I have is ADHD. Literally just been officially diagnosed last week,  and I tell you what,  I’m so glad to have recognition for the weird way my mind works! All my life I’ve either been able to concentrate on NOTHING or ONE THING… A LOT. My brain exhausts me, I forget everything (short term), and my mind often wanders off in the middle of a sen………….. 

It’s no wonder my channel has SO MUCH on there! Something for everyone I guess! 

Dressing kawaii and filling my home with pretty creations I’ve made really soothes me and keeps me happy. My husband has had to get used to my slightly eccentric style! He’s a gem. 

Aside from these things,  I absolutely love musicals, watching dance shows like Strictly Come Dancing, anything that sparkles and I’m ADDICTED to rice. No joke!  I’m obsessed with Pusheen and Rilakkuma too!

You can find out more about me here:

I hope you enjoy this blog journey I’m on, and I hope to keep it up!
Keep checking back each week for more updates! 

Love Ayesha x


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