If you’re here, then you’ve already subscribed to my YouTube channel, or you’ve engaged a lot with my content, either way I FULLY appreciate you!

When I started this Youtube journey I knew it was going to be a mixture of things, because I CANNOT only focus on one thing… but now I have a few general ideas, and they’re pulling in you wonderful people who are into the same stuff as me! 

Can’t quite believe I’m saying this but………


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! Like… I can’t believe how fast we have gotten here. Literally glaring 4K in the face!! ALREADY!!! Thanks so much for your support, your comments, everything.. it means so much!!!

With everything that’s been happening on YouTube lately, reaching this milestone was the cheer up I needed. So thank you!

Click here to see the YouTube changes and to hear my shout out to you all!

I’ve found that YouTube has been a great way for me to make friends, and I want that to continue!

I also welcome your suggestions for my channel, so PLEASE drop a comment below letting me know what ideas you may have!

Keep checking back here for regular updates, see if your comment has made it to “Comment Of The Week”, and of course, info on any giveaways I may be doing!

Love Ayesha x


  • Monett McHazlett Ermis

    Hey Pretty! Just checking out your website! I love it! 👏🎉Congratulations on your now, over 500 subscriber’s! So inspired by you! Keep up the good work!❤🐸🇨🇱

  • Pamela Miller

    Just a big ol’ Texas “Howdy”, and so very happy for your accomplishments! I shared your last video on my FB, so maybe you’ll reach 1K very soon!

  • Notebook

    Just having a look at your website, it beautiful, have just subscribed but have been watching since 600 subscribers. My daughter who is 7 loves you to pieces, she also loves pastel, Kawaii, and Gudetama. I also have an autoimmune disorder, and you are in inspiration to all especially my daughter who has not seen many women of colour like herself who likes the same things she does. Thank you.

    • Ayesha Sha Sha

      And this right here is the reason I do this. Thank you so so much and please tell your daughter I said hello!!! i’m so glad you find me inspiring, that is very humbling for me!!!

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