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Hyper Japan Winter 2018

Wow! What a fun-tastic day we had! 

My husband Mike and I took a trip to London last weekend and went to Hyper Japan,  a convention celebrating all things Japanese. 

Of course, I was there to get my kawaii fix! 
I’d been looking forward to this so much, ever since the one we went to in July. I just felt like that was where my tribe was; people who dressed like me! I’m full of fairy-kei, pastel vibes but there aren’t many people like that around me.

 I met some lovely people on Saturday, and was blown away by the talent of some of the sellers! 

One thing we noticed was the lack of food options compared to last time.  No one was even selling bubble tea. I mean…WHAT!? And you can forget about vegan food – there was literally ONE VEGAN DUMPLING. 

So luckily we brought a packed lunch! 

So that aside, we had a fabulous time; I even did an outfit change!

That was a lot of fun! 

I’m glad I got some business cards printed, because it meant I could promote my YouTube channel easily. I gained quite a few subscribers off the back of that, so that’s lovely!  

I vlogged everything, which you can see here:

All in all, highly recommend! 

Love Ayesha x

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