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So Gloomy This Week… Perfect Weather For…

Filming! That’s literally all I’ve been doing all week. I can’t be dealing with this horrible weather! Keeping myself wrapped up in my editing,  and really enjoying the filming process!

Favourite thing I’ve filmed this week is my winter lookbook… which actually has more than one look in it! 😂 In fact it has 5!

I decided to challenge myself and film it alone,  in my room. Some obstacles I faced were:

*Lack of space meant I couldn’t get a nice full length shot with a decent background

*Not being able to move the camera much as it was locked to my ring light

*Even when using hand held it was hard to get steady shots of my feet


*Getting really hot changing clothes AND hair

That being said,  I really enjoyed it and am super pleased with the result.

Gotta keep it cute this season!!!

Absolutely loving my journey as a YouTuber! You can subscribe here if you like what you see! www.youtube.com/AyeshaShaSha

Love Ayesha x

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