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Well, almost.

And the joke is, I didn’t even realise! Walking around Brighton, I haven’t been getting much of the Christmassy vibe… so it was time to shake things up. This week my crazy friend Abi joined me in full blown festive gear, and we went about town spreading as much Christmas cheer as possible… without even really trying haha! You can see our shenanigans here.

It didn’t take much to look this fabulous to be honest…even in the pouring rain.

She was dead chuffed with the bracelet I made her though, she deserved it, after all she has helped me out on so many occasions, least I could do was make her a gift! You can watch me make it here.

Isn’t it pretty?

And the making didn’t stop there… I only went and got my first YouTube COLLAB!!! A lovely lady called Jessica who I’ve been watching for ages asked to collaborate with me on a kawaii project… naturally it had to be pastel, and we both love polymer clay, so I made a kawaii sweets bracelet and she made matching earrings and necklace. SO CUTE! You can watch us below. Make sure you check out her channel!


My favourite thing I’ve made all week, possibly all YEAR!!! MY PUSHEEN WREATH!!! Oh my goodness. Ok so, as you know, money is tight. For everyone. So I just couldn’t justify spending 26 quid on an official Pusheen wreath, no matter how cute it was. So I made my own using items that cost a quid each. SO SO CHUFFED with the result! You can watch me make this below!

I mean………
Just look at her happy little face…


YAAASSS QUEEN… Ru Paul’s Drag Race All Stars is BACK and I’m so excited! I’ve started a new series on my channel, Ayesha’s All-Star Round Up! Every week I will be spilling the tea on what happens in the show, giving you the low down! Catch up on the first episode below.

See you next week!

Love Ayesha x



    OMGOODNESS! I just Absolutely love the site! CONGRATULATIONS! it’s just BEAUTIFUL! And I love having the tutorials… This is great in so happy to see good content and someone who’s personality is absolutely infectious! Many Many good days ahead!
    Big hugs, and much Love
    From Robin in Pensacola Beach Florida! XOXO

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