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Riley’s Best Christmas

Riley is my 3 year old gorgeous little boy… this was his 4th Christmas. What was really sweet was how excited he was about it in the run up to the big day. We don’t really do the whole “Santa” thing in our house, but he still knew about him (I guess from nursery) and it all just added to the excitement of the special day.

Only slightly excited…

Riley particularly enjoyed decorating the tree. I loved the way he asked to put “orrnaments” on it rather than “baubles”… it made me laugh so much! Where did he get that word from!?? You can see him decorating the tree here:

So what did Riley get? TRAINS. TRAINS. AND MORE TRAINS. Riley is obsessed with Thomas The Tank Engine, in fact we are all a little obsessed, but my husband Mike and Riley take it to a new level! They have to collect them ALL! It was really fun watching him open everything though, he was absolutely adorable.

Seriously this all took SO long to open…

All in all, we had a wonderful Christmas Day together, was so lovely to see him so happy!

Love Ayesha x

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