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Drinking My Creative Juices

Sooooo… this week I’ve been a busy bee! Making lovely presents for my friends. First up is Abi, it was her birthday recently and I wanted to make something special, so I made her a sparkly rainbow wreath, which she absolutely loved! You can check out how I made this here.

Couldn’t stop staring at this!

Next is a special thank you gift for my dear friend Linda. Linda is like a sister to me, she is always there when I need. I made her this purely to say thanks for always being a special friend. Video will be up soon!

Everything I make becomes a favourite! I just love this!

I’ve loved having fun with little man as well.. Riley is getting smarter by the day… and he is currently obsessed with playing with the fun stickers in my phone! I have no idea where he gets his selfie game from…

His eyes are SO bright!

We are currently planning a video where he names ALL of his Thomas trains. Trust me, he knows them ALL.

Picking these up every night… the struggle is REAL.

Check back next week when I should have some more fun crafty videos for you all!

Love Ayesha x

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