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31 vs 13

It’s my BIIRRTTHHDDAAYYY! And you know what…after the trying few weeks I’ve had, I’m so excited to celebrate in style. Now my style may be questionable to some, I thoroughly enjoy dressing in a loud, pastel, kawaii, somewhat child-like way, because it makes me happy! I didn’t have a great childhood, perhaps that’s where this stems from… Either way I don’t care. It’s fabulous, and I LOVE IT!


Mike took me to London where we checked out a fabulous vegan restaurant called By Chloe. He had 2 main meals (!) AND desert! The sticky toffee pudding was delicious to be fair! What made me laugh was instead of asking for my name, the lady at the till just put my name down on the receipt as “Lolita”! Hilarious.

Oh you thought I was joking?

I had a HUGE salad which had quinoa, tempeh, wontons, edamame beans, kale, seriously all the healthy stuff, it was there. Plus sweet potato fries! And it was DELICIOUS! We will definitely be going back!

Oh and the pomegranate and ginger juice… OMG!

Bellies full and smiles a go go, we headed to one of my favourite stores, Artbox!

Dunno how he put up with me dressed like this tbh.

Artbox is one of those shops where I just feel at home when I step in there. I personally could spend all day there, but there’s only so many times Mike could stare at the TV commercials they had running, so I tried to keep my time to about half an hour… In there I saw the lovely Georgia, whom I met the first time I went, she is such a sweet girl and I’m glad I caught her, as she’s moving away in a couple of weeks!

Always fond memories!
I would LOVE this… But who has £300??

Next stop was Primark! I received some birthday money from my in laws, so I went on a pastel shopping spree!

The heavens opened on the way back. We had to carry everything in our arms. Primark, sort it out.

It felt so good to buy some new bits for my wardrobe. I didn’t have many wintery clothes, but there was also this LUSH yellow denim jacket that I couldn’t resist!

Goodies from Artbox and Primark, plus extra prezzies from Mike!

I had an absolutely amazing birthday, and even though I quite badly twisted my ankle at the end, at least I looked fabulous doing it! 😂 Looking forward to having cake on Friday now! There will be videos on my channel showing you everything I got, don’t worry!

Love Ayesha x


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