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    Family, Food, and Crafting!

    3 things I love! I really enjoy seeing Mike and Riley together, they have such a laugh! Riley was the tallest in the house this week as he was on Daddy’s shoulders most of the time! Also, Riley has really enjoyed going to the park this week! We had a lovely time together and he really loves going down the slide! I also finally met up with my lovely friend Gemma who I met in Hobbycraft! Was so nice to have a catch up! Crafty day must be planned! Alsoooo…. I made the most gorgeous large necklace which took up all of my resin but was TOTALLY WORTH IT! Look…

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    I’m a very proud mum at the moment! Riley is coming on leaps and bounds with his drawing and writing… The other day he drew a crow free handed, and wrote the word CROW over my dots… He looked so proud of himself! I’m also teaching him photography, because you know… 3 isn’t too young to start at all haha! I was pretty impressed that he managed to get most of me in shot! Also I was absolutely thrilled when last month’s giveaway winner Crafty Poptart sent me a bunch of beauties that she made for me, including this stunning necklace, which I turned into a shaker! Well that’s it…

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    Oh my goodness… So this week I FINALLY filmed my Pusheen collection video. People. I have a problem. 😂😂😂 I knew I was obsessed, but Jesus… I’ve seriously got issues! Soooo… If you’d like to see then entire collection, check out my video below. If you do it quick enough, you’ll be in with a chance of winning a Pusheen themed craft from me! Closing date for the giveaway is the 18th of March 2019. And as if that wasn’t enough, the day after I uploaded my video Abi turns up out of the blue with MORE Pusheen goodies… I wasn’t complaining! On a totally different note… I deduced to…

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    Absolutely Charming!

    Oh my goodness… This is gonna be a quick one cos I can’t wait to get back to making more charms! This is my favourite Sophie and Toffee box so far! You can see me unbox it below! I made an adorable gummy bear shaker bag charm, and two gorgeous kawaii brooches! Unicorn and bunny ice creams! I could die from the cuteness! Videos will be on my channel this week! I really want to practice my resin charms more as I’d love to eventually have a little online store! That would be amazing! Anyway, must dash, more resin awaits! #Addicted Love Ayesha x