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The Friend That’s Like Family

I don’t have many friends who like children. And the ones that do, all live far away, so it’s hard to connect with people sometimes who don’t like/understand kids. Personally, I don’t understand how you can’t like them, seeing as we were all once kids ourselves… I mean, had our parent’s had the same thought process we wouldn’t be here… but nevertheless, each to their own, it’s just refreshing when that friend that comes to visit wants to see your child too.

I have a few select friends who are like family to me, and I just wish they lived closer. One of them is Abi, and I’m grateful that even though she lives far away, she still makes the effort. It REALLY says a lot.

Just as bonkers as me… if not a little bit more!

It’s gotten to the point where Riley is always asking for Abi, because she is a lot of fun, not just with me, but with him also. She came down this week and had him up on her shoulders all through town… something I could only DREAM of doing haha! Riley had such a blast and can’t wait to see her again.

I could never… lol!

In social media land, it’s easy to think you have a gazillion friends. It’s easy to think your best friend from way back when is still the same as they were when you last saw them how ever many years ago. It’s easy to think you are much closer to them than you actually are. Truth is, when you leave, you are erased from a lot of people’s heads. Out of sight, out of mind as they say! But I think it’s important to try and keep in touch with those that truly matter to you. It’s also important to take the hint when being ignored. Sure people are busy, have kids, work, but to consistently not respond to a message and not hear from them for months on end… or to only ever receive a forwarded video when they are supposed to be your blood relative who hasn’t made the effort to see you in years…but you see they are online every day… know your worth and leave them be. I do wish I could take my own advice better on this. I give SOOOO many chances it’s unbelievable. I think people will be the same as they were when I last saw them, no matter how long ago it was. It’s almost as if I press pause on our interaction rather than just keep letting their lives play on. Fear of being forgotten? Maybe.

Then of course there’s the family you inherit. Luckily for me, my mum in law ADORES Riley, so there is never a shortage of cuddles when she is around. Sometimes you need to just count your blessings, and those that aren’t for you, leave behind.

Happy days!

That’s all from me, sorry not sorry it was a bit deep! It’s just been on my mind.

Love Ayesha x


  • Bernadette

    You are amazing thank you for all the fantastic videos you posted on YouTube and the help you gave me .I sometimes wish my children were young again but they all have to grow up my youngest is 17 now and my oldest is 29 .I have 4 children 2 girls 2boys .I’ve been in worthing 17 years now and still don’t know many people lol I work as a care assistant in dementia been doing it more than 13 years now .I’ve had a hard time recently as not long came out of hospital but I’m doing ok .I really want to get into shaker charms to get my mind off things

    Sorry I seem to be babbling on
    Good luck with the shop and I hope to see more of your videos
    Lots of love
    Bernadette 💖

    • Ayesha Sha Sha

      Don’t ever apologise for “babbling”.. you’re not! You’re just a very open person, as am I.. so don’t worry, I get you! I really hope you’re ok after your hospital stay, I know things have been so hard for you at the moment xxx

  • Beckie

    I don’t know where I’ve been but I just found your YouTube channel. I’m much older than you but we love almost the same things! (family, resin art, Drag) I also love all things Disney & cats. I have a small group of really close friends/family that I love & enjoy them but, they don’t necessarily “get” me some of the time. I have MS & I can no longer work, they really don’t understand or are not interested in the art of drag. They also don’t like to do crafts. (too busy?) But they love when I give them what I make. Well, now that I have babbled away & probably not made any sense whatsoever I’ll go back to watching your YouTube videos. Hope to hear from you soon!
    aka; MauiBoo

    • Ayesha Sha Sha

      Oh Beckie! I’ve just seen this comment! Thanks so much for taking the time to write to me! I’m sorry that your friends aren’t interested in what you are and having MS must be so annoying… But I can totally sympathise and empathise with you! I love crafts and I love drag so feel free to talk to me about that any time!!

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