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Drag Me To The Roundhill!

So… Favourite things that happened this week, going to a drag show, and going to The Roundhill!

So let’s start with the drag show… Shout out to my gurl Clare De Loon, who has just started out in the world of drag! She entered in Drag Idol and I finally got to see her perform! What a powerhouse! I vlogged it… obvs… So I’ll pop that video up soon…

Chilling With The Orams!

We even went to Purezza and had I treated myself to a chocolate oreo pizza! Yummm! Great thing was this restaurant was totally vegan, so no worries there!

I mean……come ON!

All in all, I had a fabulous night, and it really made me miss getting glammed up. I don’t go out very often.. I’m just not really well enough for that. But it truly was lovely doing this!

Tits and Teeth! 😛

NOW! As for The Roundhill…. GUURRLLL!

So Mike and I went for an impromptu lunch at this lovely little bar, totally vegan (that being said, they did offer us cow’s cheese should we request it, which I thought was considerate for the consumer, but not necessarily for the cow…), and I was really impressed with the freshness, quality and flavour of their food!

It was so nice to not just have to settle for a standard “veggie burger”. These were made freshly after we ordered, tasted delicious and flavourful, and the service was great too. I went for the “Peanut” burger, which was a seitan chicken one flavoured with fresh satay sauce ,sweet potato shavings and a lovely coleslaw with fries, while Mike went for the classic “RH Burger”, and I tell you what… I’ve never seen him gush over food so much! They tend to have events happening there too, which I thought was pretty cool!

Happy bellies = Happy faces!

It’s lovely when we get to do impromptu stuff like this, because it doesn’t get to happen often. It’s hard when you’ve got a little one! But this was just some lovely bonding time together.

That’s all for now, see you soon!

Love Ayesha x


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