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My ACTUAL reaction when I found out we’d reached 1000 subs.
No make up. No wig. Just pure joy!

I am shocked, overwhelmed, and eternally grateful. I had screenshots sent to my phone, so much love sent to me, video calls, everything… People CARED that I had reached this milestone, and it was so so nice.

So grateful for the support!

Mike was the first to tell me, and I squealed! I was actually in the middle of crafting at the time… then came the phone calls.. voice notes, and lovely messages from friends. To some, 1K is nothing. But let me tell you, 1K to me is just as exciting as my first 100. You all mean the world to me,
so thank you!

I’m gonna continue to try to do my best to put out entertaining and useful content for you all. I am absolutely loving this Youtube journey that I am on, and long may it continue! When the camera is on, I really come to life, and it’s so nice to know there are a bunch of lovely people ready
to witness that.

So what’s next now we are at this stage? Well.. I HAVE MEERRCCCCH! Yes Ma’am! I am so so so excited… this was just a little something I drew on my phone… and I loved it so much because it just looked like a kawaii version of me. It was my own little Kawaii-Sha! I feel my happiest when I’ve got my colourful hair on, my silly little bows or cat ears, my brightly coloured clothes… this is my personality in an avatar. I then thought you may like to share that with me! If for nothing else, just cos it’s cute!

You can grab yourself a tshirt… mug…and many other things here, and you can use the 10% off code at the checkout as a thank you.
The code is KAWAIISHA

Massive thank you to everyone who clicked that button… You’re amazing!

Love Ayesha x

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