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    Babies On Board!

    This week Riley had the most adorable playdate! He had met my friend Chi Chi’s daughter Robin before, but this time my other friend Crystal came down with her cute 1 year old son Amala! It was really interesting to see how Riley reacted having 2 kids around instead of 1, and also with the age gap between him and Amala. Yes it’s a couple of years, but let’s not forget Riley is a 13 year old trapped in a 3 year old’s body! He had such a lovely time, and it was so nice to see my girls too! It had been so long! I cooked some lovely vegan…

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    Father’s Day!

    Riley is the absolute CUTEST! This week we had Father’s Day in the UK… and he did a sweet little video for Mike. Check it out below! Afterwards we went to Caffe Nero to have some celebratory beverages… but Riley had other ideas and wanted to eat Daddy instead… Also this week, I made some lovely keyrings! Don’t forget you can check out my crafts in my shop! That’s all for this week, see you soon! Love Ayesha x

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    Avenue Q!

    Ever since I was little, I’ve always adored puppets. I grew up on Sesame Street and The Muppets, and I’m not afraid to say that the majority of my references come from those! When I reached 18… I really wanted to get into puppetry… So I started collecting them. It got to a stage where I would just take a puppet out with me in the street and talk to strangers. I’m not even joking! As someone who has OCD… when I see something I like… I can watch it over… And over… And OVER again. I ended up seeing the hit musical Avenue Q 29 times on the West…

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    WELL! Just when I was complaining that I don’t see anyone… Suddenly everyone pops up out of the woodwork haha! I’ve had a wonderful week, but I fear it will be ages before I see anyone again… Cos that’s just the way it goes when your friends aren’t that close by… First up, Lianna came to visit this week… FINALLY! We’ve been trying to get together for ages, but one of us has always been ill! I cooked for her and she was in heaven hahaha! She also gave me the most beautiful dress… She has the same one, and knew I loved it.. So she bought it for me!…