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Turning Looks!

Soooooooo… I’ve been making some cool lookbooks recently! I really enjoy doing these! The latest is for my Hyper Japan outfit, which I’m so excited about! Trust me.. You can’t miss me in THIS!

I mean… Seriously.
This bag was the inspiration!
And I just adore these SHOES! Loved making them so much! You can watch me make them here.

I’m excited for Hyper Japan because it’s the one place where I can find people like me! No doubt I will be vlogging this so you’ll get to see that really soon!

Another really cool lookbook I did recently was my Kawaii Rainbow Realness one! You know me… I love pastel rainbow! So I decided to become one for the day haha! You can check that out here.

Officially felt like a fairy in the woods!
Colours make me feel so happy!
And let’s talk about this hair and make up though!
You can see my make up look done LIVE here!

Hope you’ve enjoyed these looks! More from me next week!

Love Ayesha x

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