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SOOOOOOOO! TODAY WE HIT 1500 SUBSCRIBERS! WHAT THE ACTUAL!?? I’m so baffled that we have grown 500 more in LESS than 2 months. That is scarily fast for me. Considering I don’t have the usual social media to be constantly promoting myself on… I’m just so GRATEFUL to all of YOU who have shared my videos! Honestly it means the world that they even get noticed by anyone, let alone having so many of you subscribing for MORE! You know I love you very much so thank you! I’ll do a special video for this no doubt!!!


Ok so the second reason I’m hyper…. Because Hyper Japan was awesome! Was so lovely to not only be with Mike but to see my lovely friend Linda whom I haven’t seen in about 3 years! Her first time in pastels… She looked so cute!

The same toe pop and everything hahaha!
The lovely Rosemary! Rocking it for the older Lolitas… She’s 54!

And as for my make up… I really went to town on that! Sprinkles on my eyes and everything! You can watch my transformation here.

This is dedication!

Check out my vlog of the day below!

Once again thank you all so much for your amazing support! Love you all!

Love Ayesha x

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