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Lion King! (And Queen!)

SO!!! Anyone who knows me personally knows that I am a MASSIVE fan of The Lion King. So much so in fact that I know EVERY SINGLE WORD BY HEART. I challenge anyone to come and test me!!! So imagine my delight when I heard they were making a “live action version!” YES PLEASE!!!
So off Mike and I went…naturally… I had to look the part…

So what if no one is going to see it? I wanted to feel special!

You can watch how I created this look here:

Let’s make some earrings as well shall we? Why not!

No one cares Ayesha.

Question is… did we… or did we not… miss the first ( AND MOST IMPORTANT) song of the movie??? Find out here:

I may or may not have messed up here. 😛

I absolutely loved the movie. I know people have had their opinions on Disney just cashing in on the fact they KNOW people will STILL see a “live action” remake of a classic, no matter how much they diss it. But the fact is, how can you hate something so much if you loved the original, and this is VERY close to the original?! I understand about certain songs being shorter, and us not having every voice the same. But these actors had big shoes to fill and in my opinion… they DID THAT!

Now… as for Beyonce…

Of course I love Beyonce, however I don’t think there was enough of her in this. That’s no one’s fault…Nala isn’t a massive character. But the hype that was surrounding her being in it made me think maybe there was gonna be a huge moment for Nala in this. And there just wasn’t. Because that’s not how the story goes…
It’s a shame, but hey. At least she got another album out of it, which in my opinion isn’t that impressive.

“Real” Scar was even MORE menacing than the original!!!

Shout out to Chiwetel Ejiofor for being an EXCELLENT Scar. Yes we know we don’t have Jeremy Irons here. But I hated this Scar even more than the first. In a good way. Mike now has “Be Prepared” as his ringtone. Something I NEVER thought I’d ever see. So it must be good!

That’s all for now, see you next week!

Love Ayesha x

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