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Oh. Yes.

DID SOMEONE SAY PUSHEEN???? Ok just checking.

My immediate response when I heard the news that Artbox was bringing it’s very own cafe to Brighton, and that the first of the ever changing themes was going to be……PUSHEEN…. was this:

I mean.. what face did you expect me to have?

So immediately I decided:
a) I was going to vlog this whole experience
b) I was going to make it a really well thought out piece and interview guests
c) I was going dressed as Pusheenicorn.
The last part was non-negotiable.

I created a moodboard, and set to work…


I put together a lookbook video for my most extra outfit yet… building the hype… (shout out to Mike for filming this for me!)

Living my extra life!

I even made the necklace and unicorn horn myself!

Tutorial for this badboy coming soooon!

Then I set off on an adventure I’ll never forget!
Grab a cup of tea and check it out below!

Seriously one of my favourite days ever!

Met the most lovely family, Scarlett, Zack and their mum Poppy, who very kindly let me sit with them at lunch!

Scarlett was a pro!
(Photo by Anarchy Photography)

I couldn’t deal with how aesthetically pleasing the food was…. I mean… come ON…

Mallow Dream Waffle
Pusheenosaurus Sundae
Cookie Lover Waffle

And so many dairy free options too!!!

Pizza Parody Waffle
(This was mine! With a Pusheenacolada to wash it down!)
I’m not sure if it was called Pusheenacolada but I’m keeping that name!

I’m home!

I was in absolute HEAVEN!!!
Even the BATHROOM was so cute!!!

Selfie timeee!

One thing’s for sure. I’m definitely coming back!!!

(Photo from @artbox_cafe)

Had to treat myself to some fabulous goodies!!!

How could I not???

I’m all Pusheened out! See you next week!

Day. Made.
(Photo by Anarchy Photography)

Love Ayesha x

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