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Away With The Fairies…

By now you should have gathered that my favourite style of dressing is super cute and pastel…


I didn’t actually realise that this was actually a popular J-fashion called Fairy Kei…but once I learned that… I went to town!


Since discovering this style I’ve been totally in love, and wanted to share how I style my outfits. Sometimes we just have waaayy too many things and it gets overwhelming,so I made a little guide offering some tips I use that I find helpful.

Planning is EVERYTHING!

One of them is something called “floordinates”…laying your clothes, shoes, accessories, wigs etc on the floor (or bed) and coordinating everything that way. It’s a good way of trying things on with your eyes. Do those colours go together? Is it TOO much? (I know there’s no such thing as too much but in some instances we need to know when to up back so something in particular on our outfit can shine)

Truth me, it helps!

Below is the video going into more detail. I hope you enjoy!

Hope this helps!

Love Ayesha x

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