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Where Has My Baby Gone?

This is gonna be a slightly blubby mummy post… please excuse me!

The nose wrinkle is everything!

Riley is without a doubt the best thing that has happened to us. His wit, his charm, his intelligence, it’s all off the scale. His ability to get on so well with adults as well as children has us treating him like “one of us”.

Having Pokémon battles with Daddy are the best!!!

For example, whenever Abi comes to visit, he’s so excited to go to our favourite restaurant, not just to eat, but just for her company! He’s just like a big man in a little boy’s body!

Picture perfect isn’t he?

He really has grown so fast…and I know that’s what everyone says… but they don’t prepare you for this…

I mean… when the hell did THIS happen?!?!?!

As we are approaching his 4th birthday, I’m getting emotional all the time. My darling baby has gone… he’s so independent, so grown up, and just such a beautiful human being.

Almost 4 years ago, just hours after his birth… bring back those days!!!

I love this boy to pieces… even though I may miss the old days, bring on the new memories!

Actually twins.

Love Ayesha x

*EDIT* I’m just so happy that he loves us both so much and is into whatever we are into… particularly my make up haha! Check out this super cute video of him doing my face! He’s clearly a star haha!

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