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    Birthday Boyyyyyyy!

    Oh my GOODNESS…. He’s actually FOUR. HOW did this happen?!?!? It’s like I blinked and there was this little man standing in front of me giving me all the sass in the world and making everyone smile! How cute does he look in his Gecko costume?! Needless to say, I’m so proud of Riley and how well he’s adapted to new things… he’s growing more and more intelligent every day! Here you can see him reading out birthday messages! See you next week! Love Ayesha x

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    First Freebie!

    Totally forgot to write about this little beauty that happened a couple of weeks ago! Unzzy Wigs very kindly sent me some freebies!!! I was so shocked to be contacted but so so happy about it! Here are the wigs I chose along with links to the site…Don’t forget to use my discount code: “AyeshaShaSha” Check out the video of me unboxing these beauties, talking about the quality, and just serving pure SASS! Love Ayesha x

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    Sweet Treats!

    Sooooo Mike and I went to visit my second home… the Pusheen Snack Parlour! It was kind of like an anniversary treat but it was just really nice that he enjoyed it more than I thought he would! I decided to dress casual fairy kei… The way I dress used to come up in conversation sometimes as Mike isn’t the most attention attracting person, whereas I just wear what I like, no matter how extra! But I feel I’ve got a nice balance of casual and OUT THERE haha! We had such a fun time, and we were so chuffed that they offered a Vegan version of the Cookie Lover…

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    WE DID IT!!! 2000 SUBS!! WHAT?!?!

    OMG!!! AS IF!!! So last week I put up a post on my Community Tab, asking if you thought we could reach 2000 subs by September 1st…. YOU MADE IT HAPPEN!!! I am so so happy about this, I can’t even express!!! Got a cute little certificate from Tube Buddy as well which really made me feel special, even though it’s just an automated thing! It really showed my acheivement and I felt really proud! So…. with that being said… I’ve just launched my new merch! You can check out the video about it here! Thanks so much for helping me reach this milestone!!! Love Ayesha x