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Sweet Treats!

Sooooo Mike and I went to visit my second home… the Pusheen Snack Parlour! It was kind of like an anniversary treat but it was just really nice that he enjoyed it more than I thought he would!

6 years together!

I decided to dress casual fairy kei… The way I dress used to come up in conversation sometimes as Mike isn’t the most attention attracting person, whereas I just wear what I like, no matter how extra! But I feel I’ve got a nice balance of casual and OUT THERE haha!

I appreciate him taking this photo…even though he just wanted to eat…

We had such a fun time, and we were so chuffed that they offered a Vegan version of the Cookie Lover waffle!!! It was SOOOO DELICIOUS!!!!!!!

Absolutely divine!!!
I swear he was loving it…

THEN as if THAT wasn’t enough, he surprised me with the MASSIVE canvas and Pusheen hoodie I really wanted!!! Thank you babyyyyyyyyy!

My face says it all really!!!

Till the next time I’m there… haha!

Love Ayesha x

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