Days Out,  Life

Family First

I can get really busy sometimes with Youtube and crafting etc… Sometimes I forget to stop and take a breather… so I ditch the make up, (keep the sparkles though haha!) and head off out to the park with my fellas. I love doing this!

I just love watching these two from afar!

Seeing the way Mike and Riley interact is so cute. Riley has really helped Mike come out of his shell a lot more, as he is just so lively…there is little choice haha!

Whether I was able to get out of this contraption still remains to be seen…

No matter what, these two will always come first in my life… even if I forget to take the occasional editing break now and again!

Love them so much!

I really wouldn’t be the person I am today without them. Mike is so supportive of me, my ventures, my interests, and my health. On the days when I just can’t… he is always there for me. Riley is the most charming child ever, so funny and tests my patience sometimes haha! But I love him dearly! See you next week!

Love Ayesha x

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