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    UV RESIN SHAKERS CAN BE SOOOOO TRICKY!!! But they are just so mesmerising that we KEEP ON MAKING THEM even though they are sometimes the bane of our lives! I made a video with 9 tips I wish I’d known before I started making these, and I really hope you find these helpful… We love them really though don’t we! Here’s a close up of the second ring I made… Resin art is very therapeutic for me. As someone who is always in pain, it’s nice that I can occasionally make myself some pretty things! Take a look at this playlist to find more resin shaker tutorials! See you next…

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    Birthday Boyyyyyyy!

    Oh my GOODNESS…. He’s actually FOUR. HOW did this happen?!?!? It’s like I blinked and there was this little man standing in front of me giving me all the sass in the world and making everyone smile! How cute does he look in his Gecko costume?! Needless to say, I’m so proud of Riley and how well he’s adapted to new things… he’s growing more and more intelligent every day! Here you can see him reading out birthday messages! See you next week! Love Ayesha x

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    First Freebie!

    Totally forgot to write about this little beauty that happened a couple of weeks ago! Unzzy Wigs very kindly sent me some freebies!!! I was so shocked to be contacted but so so happy about it! Here are the wigs I chose along with links to the site…Don’t forget to use my discount code: “AyeshaShaSha” Check out the video of me unboxing these beauties, talking about the quality, and just serving pure SASS! Love Ayesha x

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    WE DID IT!!! 2000 SUBS!! WHAT?!?!

    OMG!!! AS IF!!! So last week I put up a post on my Community Tab, asking if you thought we could reach 2000 subs by September 1st…. YOU MADE IT HAPPEN!!! I am so so happy about this, I can’t even express!!! Got a cute little certificate from Tube Buddy as well which really made me feel special, even though it’s just an automated thing! It really showed my acheivement and I felt really proud! So…. with that being said… I’ve just launched my new merch! You can check out the video about it here! Thanks so much for helping me reach this milestone!!! Love Ayesha x

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    Where Has My Baby Gone?

    This is gonna be a slightly blubby mummy post… please excuse me! Riley is without a doubt the best thing that has happened to us. His wit, his charm, his intelligence, it’s all off the scale. His ability to get on so well with adults as well as children has us treating him like “one of us”. For example, whenever Abi comes to visit, he’s so excited to go to our favourite restaurant, not just to eat, but just for her company! He’s just like a big man in a little boy’s body! He really has grown so fast…and I know that’s what everyone says… but they don’t prepare you…

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    Away With The Fairies…

    By now you should have gathered that my favourite style of dressing is super cute and pastel… I didn’t actually realise that this was actually a popular J-fashion called Fairy Kei…but once I learned that… I went to town! Since discovering this style I’ve been totally in love, and wanted to share how I style my outfits. Sometimes we just have waaayy too many things and it gets overwhelming,so I made a little guide offering some tips I use that I find helpful. One of them is something called “floordinates”…laying your clothes, shoes, accessories, wigs etc on the floor (or bed) and coordinating everything that way. It’s a good way…

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    Oh. Yes. DID SOMEONE SAY PUSHEEN???? Ok just checking. My immediate response when I heard the news that Artbox was bringing it’s very own cafe to Brighton, and that the first of the ever changing themes was going to be……PUSHEEN…. was this: So immediately I decided:a) I was going to vlog this whole experienceb) I was going to make it a really well thought out piece and interview guestsc) I was going dressed as Pusheenicorn.The last part was non-negotiable. I created a moodboard, and set to work… I put together a lookbook video for my most extra outfit yet… building the hype… (shout out to Mike for filming this for…

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    YEESSSSSS! TODAY IS THE DAY! I’m so excited to show these to you!I now have a hairdrobe FULL of these blinging babies!!! All I’m saying is, you will instantly feel like a GODDESS wearing one of these!!! Each comes with a HANDMADE CHARM too! I put my all into these! Check out the full range below… that being said, there are MORE colours available on request! GRAB YOUR BLING BOWS HERE! Love Ayesha x

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    Hair Bling!

    Sooooo… I decided that I needed to up my kawaii “hairdrobe”… because this just wasn’t cutting it. So I decided to make some beautiful hair clips…LIVE! And you lovely subscribers had a ball! You can catch the replay below! Next up…. I’m selling my big ass bows! You guys have been asking… and I’m HERE for you hunny! Check out these GORGEOUS colours I’m going to be working with!!! I can’t wait to show you the full collection when it’s done!!! Love Ayesha x

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    Lion King! (And Queen!)

    SO!!! Anyone who knows me personally knows that I am a MASSIVE fan of The Lion King. So much so in fact that I know EVERY SINGLE WORD BY HEART. I challenge anyone to come and test me!!! So imagine my delight when I heard they were making a “live action version!” YES PLEASE!!!So off Mike and I went…naturally… I had to look the part… You can watch how I created this look here: Let’s make some earrings as well shall we? Why not! Question is… did we… or did we not… miss the first ( AND MOST IMPORTANT) song of the movie??? Find out here: I absolutely loved the…