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    SOOOOOOOO! TODAY WE HIT 1500 SUBSCRIBERS! WHAT THE ACTUAL!?? I’m so baffled that we have grown 500 more in LESS than 2 months. That is scarily fast for me. Considering I don’t have the usual social media to be constantly promoting myself on… I’m just so GRATEFUL to all of YOU who have shared my videos! Honestly it means the world that they even get noticed by anyone, let alone having so many of you subscribing for MORE! You know I love you very much so thank you! I’ll do a special video for this no doubt!!! Ok so the second reason I’m hyper…. Because Hyper Japan was awesome! Was…

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    Turning Looks!

    Soooooooo… I’ve been making some cool lookbooks recently! I really enjoy doing these! The latest is for my Hyper Japan outfit, which I’m so excited about! Trust me.. You can’t miss me in THIS! I’m excited for Hyper Japan because it’s the one place where I can find people like me! No doubt I will be vlogging this so you’ll get to see that really soon! Another really cool lookbook I did recently was my Kawaii Rainbow Realness one! You know me… I love pastel rainbow! So I decided to become one for the day haha! You can check that out here. Hope you’ve enjoyed these looks! More from me…

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    Busy Bee!

    Take a peek at some of the beauties I’ve had the pleasure of making this week!!! But oh my goodness how could I forget…. LAST week… I made THESE!!!!!!!!! I’ve been busy editing the lookbook video for these shoes… You’ll get to see it real soon! Lastly, I made this beauty for my lovely friend Jessica. We did a craft trade!!! Below you can see how I made it, and you can see my reaction to what she made me here! Phew! That’s all for now, see you next week! Love Ayesha x

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    Father’s Day!

    Riley is the absolute CUTEST! This week we had Father’s Day in the UK… and he did a sweet little video for Mike. Check it out below! Afterwards we went to Caffe Nero to have some celebratory beverages… but Riley had other ideas and wanted to eat Daddy instead… Also this week, I made some lovely keyrings! Don’t forget you can check out my crafts in my shop! That’s all for this week, see you soon! Love Ayesha x

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    WE DID IIIITTTTTT!!!! 1K!!!!

    I am shocked, overwhelmed, and eternally grateful. I had screenshots sent to my phone, so much love sent to me, video calls, everything… People CARED that I had reached this milestone, and it was so so nice. Mike was the first to tell me, and I squealed! I was actually in the middle of crafting at the time… then came the phone calls.. voice notes, and lovely messages from friends. To some, 1K is nothing. But let me tell you, 1K to me is just as exciting as my first 100. You all mean the world to me,so thank you! I’m gonna continue to try to do my best to…

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    Wood You Like To Know What’s In Store?

    So this week I’ve been filming in the woods! (That sounds super exciting doesn’t it?) I actually didn’t know we had a woodland right next door to my house. I’ve lived there 5 years. Le sigh. My lovely YouTube buddy Miwako and I are COLLABORATING! We have filmed a kawaii pastel lookbook, featuring the colours Pink, Purple and Blue. All my favourites! So I took Mike with me and we had a fun time filming…though getting changed inbetween the trees is tricky! Miwako is aaaallll the way in Florida, so it’s lovely we can connect like this! I’m so proud of her for hitting 1000 subs! So I kind of…

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    The Most Kawaii Palette EVERRRRR!

    So… I was in Boots the other day, and found THIS bad boy. I was astonished by the packaging, and what was inside did NOT disappoint! I absolutely ADORE the Dream With A Vision Palette!!! You can pick it up at Boots stores and also by clicking here. I’ve also been a busy bee working with a FABULOUS resin set that I found on Amazon… You can watch my unboxing below and purchase it hereif you’re from the UK and here if you’re from the US. Don’t worry, I’m working on a way for you to get your hands on goodies made by me! I have heard your cries… news…

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    Oh my goodness… So this week I FINALLY filmed my Pusheen collection video. People. I have a problem. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I knew I was obsessed, but Jesus… I’ve seriously got issues! Soooo… If you’d like to see then entire collection, check out my video below. If you do it quick enough, you’ll be in with a chance of winning a Pusheen themed craft from me! Closing date for the giveaway is the 18th of March 2019. And as if that wasn’t enough, the day after I uploaded my video Abi turns up out of the blue with MORE Pusheen goodies… I wasn’t complaining! On a totally different note… I deduced to…

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    Filling My Boots

    Even though at the moment my boots seem to be filled with the sniffles… they are also filled with joy. I had a lovely week seeing family for my birthday… The cake got shared out nicely… (we didn’t think we were gonna get through it it was so big haha!) and despite me feeling low healthwise, I managed to make something super special to GIVE AWAY to one of my lovely subscribers! I’m super pleased with how this wreath turned out because it’s my first time using deco mesh. I absolutely loved it and can’t wait to use it again!! To find out how you can win this beauty click…

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    Counting My Blessings

    After last week, I realised that it’s ok not to be ok. I know that’s a clichรฉ but it’s true. I finally wrote how I was really feeling and felt better afterwards. This week has also been challenging mentally but you know what? I’ve been lucky enough to have a wonderful husband to support me through it and also have some great support from my wonderful subscribers. Love you all! So this week I’ve spent a lot of time with family, in particular Riley. He has done so well recently, riding his bike on his own, trying new foods, (with the help of his new friends The Bush Babies) and…